Paul Salmon and associates has a vast bank of Trainers, Assessors, Quality Assurer that they can call upon at any time to support their business needs. Our network is available to you to. Maybe you need a Internal Quality Assurer to cover a new qualification or to support maternity or sickness, no problems just contact us and we will endeavour to support your needs.

  • If you are a training business, college, university, school or employer no problems we have a wealth of experience delivering short and long term contracts with them.  
  • You may be starting out in the training industry, get in contact and we will be able to provide staff to get you accredited with your awarding body.
  • You may be an employer who would like to take control of your own training and we can help by  using our licenced awarding bodies and support staff.

Whatever the reason you need a staff member, you can be rest assured all our staff will be suitable qualified, CPD, experiences and in certain cases fully insured. We have arrange of occupational experts that can help we a range of vocational and occupational qualifications needs.

Get in contact with us today and let us help you meet your training needs.