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Paul R Salmon are training specialists, established in 1992 to provide professional training solutions and competitive pricing for all types of business. Over 25 years later we truly are industry specialists with an exemplary reputation.

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Fully Externally Regulated 

All our courses are fully regulated, we do not believe in non-regulated as we have to much respect for our customers and want to make sure their due diligence is always protected



Rated Outstanding By Independent Regulator 

Independent external regulator Professional Training & Development Qualifications (PTDQ) conducted an unannounced audit of us and did a rigorous inspection of our training, staff, administration, quality assurance, customer services, general business and interviewed our learners, we are pleased they were very impressed with us and have rated us OUTSTANDING for 2019 / 2020




Modern, Comfortable & Inspiring Training Centres

Paul R Salmon demands the best learning environments so our learners and customers can excel to learn and enjoy their training. The centres we use are modern with the latest facilities, comfortable, inspiring you to meet your full potential and safe. When we select a learning environment it will go through a rigorous selection process and auditing to make sure it will meet our strict criteria.



Exceptional Training Experience


We promise the best quality protecting the professional integrity of all qualifications, in the same time we make sure the learners experience is the most positive they can have.  Our course is expertly balanced with learner interaction, fun, great modern resources that include the latest technology to aid the learner’s success.

Education & training

Industry Leading Staff

Our staff being from the finest and hand selected for experience and excellent reputation. To make sure the staff remain the best we have a strict recruitment and induction process as well as one of the best quality assurance process.

Paul R Salmon

Latest Training Techniques, Equipment & Publications 

We use the latest training techniques that are fully interactive with the learner and gives them a very special experience, we do not do boring training, ours is something you will remember , judging by our customer feedback. 

We have invested large sums of money to make sure the training equipment is modern, clean, new and in full working order so you do get the best possible learning experience.

Paul R Salmon

High Customer Retention & Recommendations. 

We hardly advertise as we are very proud of our customer retention rate and the recommendation we receive from them.  Our customer are rewarded for their very appreciated loyalty with amazing quality and competitive rates. 

In 2019 we commissioned a report into our customer satisfaction and out of over 3000 customer feedback reports, we are proud to say 96% rate us good or outstanding.


Our Next Course or Event 

First Aid Courses

  • First Aid Courses Essex
  • First Aid Course Suffolk
  • First Aid Course Norfolk
  • First Aid Course London

Food Safety Courses 

  • Food Safety Course Essex
  • Food Safety Course Suffolk
  • Food Safety Course Norfolk

Manual Handling Courses 

  • Manual Handling Course Essex
  • Manual Handling Course Suffolk
  • Manual Handling course  Norfolk

Fire Safety & Fire Marshal Courses 

  • Fire Safety Course Essex
  • Fire Safety Course Norfolk
  • Fire Safety Course Suffolk
  • Fire Marshal Course Essex
  • Fire Marshal Course Norfolk
  • Fire Marshal  Course Suffolk

Pool Lifeguard Courses 

  • Pool Lifeguard Course Essex
  • Pool Lifeguard Course Suffolk
  • Pool Lifeguard Course Norfolk
  • Pool Lifeguard Course London

Pool Plant Room Operators Courses 

  • Pool Plant Room Operators Courses  Essex
  • Pool Plant Room Operators Courses Suffolk
  • Pool Plant Room Operators Courses Norfolk
  • Pool Plant Room Operators Courses  London

Education & Training Course 

  • Education & Training Course Essex
  • Education & Training Course Suffolk
  • Education & Training Course Norfolk
  • Education & Training Course London
  • Education & Training Course  Kent 
  • Education & Training Course  Bedfordshire 
  • Education & Training Course  Cambridgeshire 

Assessors Courses 

  • Assessors Course Essex
  • Assessors Course Suffolk
  • Assessors Course Norfolk
  • Assessors Course London
  • Assessors Course  Kent 
  • Assessors Course  Bedfordshire 
  • Assessors Course  Cambridgeshire 

Internal Quality Assurance Courses

  • Internal Quality Assurance Course Essex
  • Internal Quality Assurance courses Suffolk
  • Internal Quality Assurance courses Norfolk
  • Internal Quality Assurance courses London
  • Internal Quality Assurance courses Kent 
  • Internal Quality Assurance courses Bedfordshire 
  • Internal Quality Assurance courses Cambridgeshire 

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Our Course Directory 

First aid course Suffolk

First Aid Courses 

  • First Aid at Work Course 
  • Emergence First Aid at Work Course 
  • Pediatric First Aid Courses 
  • AED Course 
  • Auto Injector Pen Course 
Health & Safety Courses

Health & Safety Courses

  • Health & Safety for the Work Place 
  • Health & safety for Managers 
  • Fire Safety Awareness Courses 
  • Fire Marshal Courses 
  • Manual handling Courses
Food safety

Food Safety Courses 

  • Food Safety Courses for Employees 
  • Food Safety Courses for Managers
Lifeguard Course by Paul R Salmon

Swimming Pool Courses 

  • RLSS National Pool Lifeguard 
  • RLSS Pool Attendant Course 
  • Level 3 Pool Plant Operators Courses
  • Level 2 Pool Plant Operator Course 
  • Pool Water Testing Course 
Care industry training

Care Industry Courses 

  • Mandatory Care Refresher Training 
  • The Care Certificate  
  • Care Industry Awareness Courses 
  • Fire Safety for Care Homes 
  • Manual handling of People Course 

TAQA Courses 

  • Level 3 Education & Training 
  • First Aid Trainers Course 
  • Assessors Qualifications 
  • Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) 
  • External Quality Assurance (EQA)   
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