Paul Salmon – The Genius in Training Development!

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Paul Salmon

Paul Salmon – The Genius in Training Development


Paul Salmon is simply a genius behind the Paul Salmon Constancy Training and Development. Offering tailor professional training and development solutions, since 1990. Paul Salmon is truly the name you can trust in training and development.


What is Paul Salmon’s Philosophy?

Paul Salmon philosophy is simply an ultra-professional approach to training and development, with the components being, exceptional quality and course content making sure we tailor the product to what the customer wants, not what an awarding organisation thinks you should have,

We are very focused on customer services and making sure the customer is king, something you do not see that often nowadays. We are extremely focused on making sure the customer receives great value training and development. All training and development packages we offer are independently (externally) regulated, so unlike some of our competitors’ qualifications are worthwhile and not just basic bespoke.


Who is the genius behind one of the leading concepts in training and development?

Paul Salmon original from Ipswich, Suffolk was education in an education establishment just outside Ipswich. Paul Salmon Moved to Manningtree, Essex in 2005, where he has had a very success business providing, leading professional training and development qualifications.


Paul become a qualified adult education tutor  and assessor in 1992 and has gone on in his career to be one of the most respected trainers and assessors in his fields, peers look to him for support and advice as well as mentoring them to his renowned level.  Paul Salmon is a Lead Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) and Lead External Quality Assure (EQA) and works for several awarding organisations support their quality assurance processes.



Paul Salmon Consultants of training and development website


Paul Salmons website will highlight his exemplary professional record, by having an impressive profile to read.

As well Paul Salmon the training consultants have list all their training qualifications, course and CPD available, it’s a fact Paul salmon has over 100 available to choose from.


Paul Salmon has been voted by peers as a leading figure in pioneering professional training and development. Paul salmon philosophy is to provide leading quality packages at a value cost.


Paul Salmon Consultants in Training and Development have some very sought after accolades, in 2016 they achieved with regulator and awarding organisation Professional Training and Development Qualifications (PTDQ) outstanding training provider , they have maintain this exceptional high standard to date, being rated as outstanding.


Paul Salmon consultants will not use some awarding bodies as they are just focused on making money and this does not benefit our customers in their professional development as well as our team. We prefer the awarding organisation like PTDQ as they are very support and have excel our customers and staff development and have an excellent reputation themselves.


Paul Salmon is truly the name you can trust in training, assessing and quality assurance.