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Welcome to our blog on first aid training Suffolk. First aid training is very important for your business as you need to make sure you get the right training, in the event an accident occurs. We have been told of the frightening situation of training from other providers, that learners freeze or were confused as to what to do in the emergency. 

We are different our first aid classes Suffolk are fun and the first aid training Suffolk  is designed to be inclusive and remarkable in an accident. We do not use death by PowerPoint, we want you the learner to enjoy and be interactive with us as we know you will retain more information, this is excellent in the event of a first aid incident. A recent learner called the office to say, they were surprised they did not panic during an first aid incident, they just remember our instructors calming instructs, this made the incident managed as successful. During your first aid course or first aid training we will support you, so in the event of a first aid incident you can deal with it calmly.

Our first aid classes Suffolk has a range of first aid courses Suffolk available from Emergency First Aid at Work Suffolk (EFAW), First Aid at Work Suffolk (FAW), Paediatric First Aid Essex  and AED training. All our first aid classes Essex and first aid training Suffolk are fully regulated and delivered by industry experts.

Come join a course with us today in Suffolk and see why our customers rate us as leading first aid providers in Essex and beyond.

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First Aid Training- Types Regulated Training

Some of the awarding organisation out there tell you, you must have Ofqual accredited for your first aid qualifications, however that not true at all, have a look at this link HSE selecting a training provider, if the provider of the first aid can provide the customer with evidence they meet the criteria then, it is more than acceptable form of training.

Ofqual first aid qualifications, we offer from an awarding organisation, the only benefits for our customer, see from this form of training is they have standardised presentation and examinations, Ofqual qualifications seem to be very what the government want and maybe not what the employee, customers sometimes need specific first aid training above the Emergency first aid at work (EFAW) or First aid at Work (FAW).

Negatives using Ofqual accredited bodies is that most of them use multichoice papers, learners can get some questions wrong and still pass, however if they get a group of questions wrong, some algorithms allow them to pass when they have not been competent.

With independent organisations, we use Professional Training & Development Qualifications (PTDQ) they have set up the first aid training and first aid qualifications meeting the HSE requirements of selecting a training provider. They use an informal work based assignment, this assures all learners have to be competent in order to gain a certificate, unlike some formations algorithms.

 Positive things to consider with an independent provide is they can give more quality, more content, and more service unlike a standard qualification an awarding organising accredited dose. Lots more flexibility. The only downside is the employee needs to make sure the provider is robust and qualified to deliver first aid qualifications and first aid training. To reassure our customers we have written them a comprehensive risk assessment with evidence, that in our opinion will meet their due diligence fully.

We provide a range of first aid training and first aid qualifications, please go to the following links for more details.

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